Providing Accessible Math for DeafBlind Students

Providing Accessible Math for DeafBlind Students  49 minutes
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Amanda CraytonAmanda Crayton, MSEd.
DeafBlind Specialist

Amanda has worked for over 10 years with students with multiple disabilities, including Deafblindness. She was one of the first certified Interveners in New York State before becoming a teacher and opening a classroom for DeafBlind children. During her time as an educator, Amanda mentored several interveners in training, provided professional development in multi-sensory learning and developed materials and adaptations for her classroom. She was a finalist for the Helen Bach Moss Memorial Better Beginnings award in 2020 based on the work she did developing this classroom and building knowledge of deafblindness across her team and school.

Amanda continues to develop learning materials for students with vision loss, deafblindness and multiple disabilities. She has extensive knowledge in AAC, pre-symbolic communication and intervener strategies and is an avid 3D printer and maker. Amanda also works closely with the Deafblind International Youth Network, especially on the Friends in Touch global letter exchange for DeafBlind youth. Amanda believes in building communication as a pathway to community.

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