Becoming @BlindishLatina: Intersectionality, Disability Pride and Advocating

Becoming @BlindishLatina: Intersectionality, Disability Pride and Advocating  1 hour 24 minutes
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Catarina Rivera, MSEd, MPH, CPACCCatarina Rivera MSEd, MPH, CPACC

[Image: Light-skinned female smiling at the camera in a tan coat and black shirt with a tan zig zag pattern. She has long brown hair. The photo is taken outside on a street with a blurred background.]

Catarina is a disability public speaker and DEI* consultant who works with companies to improve disability awareness, inclusion, and accessibility. She has worked with over 35+ clients since launching her company and has been featured in Nasdaq, Authority Magazine, and as one of the top 21 DEI influencers of 2021. Past clients have included HarperCollins Publishers, LinkedIn, Hachette Book Group, Whole30, Grant Thornton, and BCG Digital Ventures.

In the webinar, disabled public speaker, DEI* consultant, and content creator Catarina Rivera, MSEd, MPH, CPACC discussed her personal disability journey with Usher Syndrome as well as intersectionality and why it’s important. She will share her experience advocating for disability awareness and inclusion as a speaker and content creator.

*Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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