Transition (14–21)

To increase systems addressing the unique needs of families of young adults who are deaf-blind & increase the number of valued life outcomes in work, community, home, and post-secondary environments.

Young adult and family participating in advocacy training.

Young adult and family participating in advocacy training.

Evidence-Based Practices

  • Planning is comprehensive, person-centered and family-driven
  • Requires a transdisciplinary approach
  • Merges educational and adult services
  • Planning process begins early (mandated by age 15 in NYS)
  • Research-based models for developing social capital, community access, postsecondary education preparation and vocational skill development for all students
  • Development of self-advocacy and self-determination skills


  • Facilitate Person Centered Planning sessions
  • Manage statewide Interdisciplinary Transition Team Initiative (ITTI)
  • Provide webinars on transition planning related content
  • Coach teams and families to identify strategies to support successful transitions from school to adult life

Community of Practice
Interdisciplinary Transition Team Initiative (ITTI)

The ITTI is a multi-state initiative focused on enhancing the knowledge base of educational teams and families of young adults who are deaf-blind. The ITTI design includes two faced-to-face team sessions and academic year-long activities that are facilitated in an online webinar platform. This initiative is designed to assist transition-age young adults who are deaf-blind, their families and educational teams that will lead to desired life outcomes after school.


For further information or inquiries, please contact Susanne Morgan Morrow.

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