Related Services: Interveners and Hearing & Vision Providers

To increase the number of certified interveners in NYS & increase the number of vision and hearing providers implementing evidence based practices with children and youth who are DeafBlind.

Evidence-Based Practices

Student communicates with an intervener by signing 'want'

Student communicates with an intervener by signing ‘want’

  • Collaborative, multidisciplinary team approach
  • Fostering the development of individualized educational supports
  • Direct and individualized communication support for children and youth
  • Comprehensive knowledge base on deafblindness for all team members
  • Strategies supporting research based models of implementation


  • Provide vision and hearing assessment training and coaching
  • Facilitate collaborative team meetings
  • Facilitate online and face-to-face learning communities of practice
  • Provide support for online learning for intervener certification
  • Host webinars on various DeafBlind related content

Community of Practice
Interveners & Qualified Personnel
Interveners and Children who are DeafBlind


For further information or inquiries, please contact Susanne Morgan Morrow.

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