Back to School: Increasing Environmental & Tactile Access

Back to School: Increasing Environmental & Tactile Access  1 hour 24 minutes

Rhonda Voight-Campbell

Photo of Rhonda Voight-Campbell, a white middle-aged female with short, wavy brown hair, smiling at the camera. She is layered with a dark plaid shirt and a navy blue vest and is seated indoors in a restaurant.

Rhonda Voight-Campbell (white; she/her/hers)

Rhonda is adjunct faculty at the Rochester Institute of Technology/National Technical Institute for the Deaf in the ASL and Interpreting Education Department. Specifically, she teaches undergraduate students the necessary skills to work effectively with DeafBlind people. Rhonda also has extensive training in protactile communication strategies and provides consultation on the topic throughout the DeafBlind community and other parties.

She is also the on-going contributing author to the “Tapping Thoughts” series sponsored by NYDBC.

Hayley Broadway

Black/white photo of Hayley, a white middle-aged female with long hair and wearing glasses.

Hayley Broadway (white; she/her/hers/they)

Hayley is known as the Community Nudger as her love of community work and teaching brings her happiness. She enjoys spending time with her teen boys and spouse, exploring ideas with friends and colleagues and poetry. Creating opportunities for DeafBlind teachers and DeafBlind students and sharing that experience for more nurturing growth of Protactile language is one of her biggest joys.

With expertise in educational services, her continued work in the protactile-related field, she has founded a company, called Touch Seeds, in order to provide support and resources to DeafBlind children and their families.

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