Lateral Capacity Networks

Lateral Capacity Networks (LCN) are to develop and expand sustainable networks throughout New York State. LCNs are intended to build local capacity through facilitated peer-to-peer learning and interagency collaboration.

Evidence-Based Practices

  • Increase local capacity
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer learning
  • Encourage interaction that is top-down (from administration) and bottom-up (from practitioners)
  • Develop infrastructure on the school, district, regional and state levels in order to build local capacity
  • Leads to self-sustaining change at various levels throughout NYS


  • DeafBlind Advisors of New York & DeafBlind Parent Advisors of New York
    DBAs/DBPAs is a statewide network of professionals and parents with the goals of increasing effectiveness of child find and outreach activities, leveraging existing resources and enhancing local capacity. The Advisors represent all regions of NYS and were selected based on their expertise, experience and their capacity to impact change and for their extensive reach throughout their daily services. Activities of the Advisors is directed by NYDBC.
  • Network of Teachers Working with DeafBlind Students (NTDB)
    NTDB is a Community of Practice (CoP) for professionals of all educational team members who work with students with combined hearing and vision loss. Networks throughout NYS have developed, with on-going shared knowledge and content development as it relates to the needs of students with both hearing and vision loss. Professional development needs are self-identified by the respective participants and supported by NYDBC.
  • 4201 & Friends Network
    The 4201 & Friends Network is a statewide network of representatives from all of the NYS state-funded 4201 schools for students who are deaf or blind and related partners. The intention of this network is to increase the following: understanding of deafblindness, identification and referral of students, school-wide service coordination, application of best practices for learners with combined hearing & vision loss, understanding of outside agency services, connections across schools of similar interests and resources for families.

Photograph of a Zoom meeting of the DeafBlind Advisors and DeafBlind Parent Advisors of New York. Captured Winter 2021.

For further information or inquiries, please contact Susanne Morrow.

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