The Art of ‘Soft Skills’ in Advocacy Work

The Art of ‘Soft Skills’ in Advocacy Work 1 hour 36 minutes
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Thomas Dieter, NYDBC & Educational Consultant

Thomas Dieter, MA has been working in the field of adult education for more than ten years as an educator, program director, and professional developer. He has dedicated his entire career to improving educational access and success for underrepresented and marginalized populations. Over the years, Thomas has worked with hundreds of leaders, instructors, parents, and workforce professionals across the United States to strengthen their classroom practices and program designs to better serve our nation’s students.

Thomas proudly served as a leading member of LaGuardia Community College’s (LGCC) department of Pre-College Academic Programming, developing reading and writing curricula, modeled effective best-practices in the classroom for new faculty and provided ongoing coaching and feedback to the program’s team of teachers, advisors and support staff. He also acted as the director of the Career Pathways Institute at LGCC.

Today, as a professional developer and educational consultant, he continues to lend his expertise to professionals and has delivered workshops, facilitated learning sessions, hosted conference presentations and provided technical assistance to a variety of organizations across the country. Thomas has facilitated several sessions for NYDBC, specifically on advocacy skill development to parents of children who are deaf-blind. NYDBC is thrilled to have him back!

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