May 2020

Learning from the Inside: Tips & Suggestions to Support Individuals who are DeafBlind during Social Distancing 1 hour 38 minutes
Jamie Pope, Deaf-Blind Community Member NYDBC Consultant
Chris Woodfill, Associate Executive Director, Helen Keller National Center

Fingerspelling & the Link to Literacy 1 hour 27 minutes
Sue Ann Houser, Educational Consultant, Pennsylvania Training & Technical Assistance Network

Supporting Orientation & Mobility while at Home 1 hour 21 minutes
Presentation slides 2 MB
Lindsay Orcutt, Certified Orientation & Mobility Instructor

Dealing with Anxiety & Fear in Unsettling Times 1 hour 26 minutes
Rebecca Alexander, Psychotherapist & Spokesperson

Educational Checklist for Students with CHARGE Syndrome 1 hour 29 minutes
Presentation slides 4 MB
Article of the Development of an Educational Checklist for Individuals with CHARGE Syndrome 686 Kb
Educational Needs for Individuals with CHARGE Syndrome checklist 354 Kb
Lily Slavin, Doctoral Student, Central Michigan University

Meaningful Literacy for Students with Multi-Sensory Needs 1 hour 24 minutes
Presentation slides 3 MB
Literacy Resources for School Teams & Families 37 Kb
Julie Maier, Educational Consultant, California Deafblind Services
Audio recording

Communication Development of a Multi-Modal Communicator: A Case Study 1 hour 33 minutes
Presentation slides 833 Kb
Sarah Keyes, TOD
Kaitlin Ahl, SLP

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