Marking Art Accessible at Home & School

Marking Art Accessible at Home & School 1 hour 30 minutes
Art Materials 4 MB

Photograph of Sarah SonnenbergSarah Sonnenberg, MA, CPRP
Art Educator/Therapist & Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselor

Sarah Field Sonnenberg is an artist and art educator in Buffalo, New York. She received a dual undergraduate degree from SUNY Buffalo State in Social Work and Art and is a certified art educator as well as a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselor. She recently earned her graduate degree at the University of Buffalo in Disability Studies and Fine Arts. Sarah is currently the art teacher at Aspire Center for Learning, a specialty school for children with developmental disabilities.

She is an advocate for art for all and accessibility in the arts. Although her previous work focused on surreal and realistic paintings and sculpture, her most recent work consists of large-scale sensory installations that engage with the viewer and dare them to participate.

Her work has been displayed in galleries and non-traditional settings throughout Western New York, however, her passion is facilitating and assisting persons with developmental disabilities in creating exhibitions as a means to identify as artists, and convey personal content and self-expression to the general public.

Sarah has worked with NYDBC in the past, assisting families of children who are deaf-blind experience art in fun and accessible ways.

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