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Overview on DeafBlindness & Early Identification  48 min (after 48 min no content)
Presented by Sam Morgan

This webinar provides an introduction to the New York DeafBlind Collaborative and an overview of the educational implications of deafblindness and tips for identifying and supporting the needs of children with combined vision and hearing loss.

Enhancing Parent-Professional Collaboration  79 min (after 79 min no content)
Presented by Clara Berg

NYDBC Family Specialist Clara Berg shares her own perspective as a parent of a child with combined vision and hearing loss, and discusses the keystones for developing successful parent-professional partnerships, including shared values and purpose, trust, respect, communication, professional competency, commitment, equality and advocacy.

Increasing Advocacy Skills  79 min
Presented by Clara Berg

NYDBC Family Specialist Clara Berg addresses the impact of deafblindness on families, and strategies for families to develop and increase advocacy skills.

Intervener & Intervener Services  85 min (after 85 min no content)
Presented by Sam Morgan & Susanne Morrow

This webinar gives an overview of the roles of the intervener in supporting children and youth with combined vision and hearing loss, and the development of intervener services in New York State and nationally.

Transition Planning for Young Adults who are DeafBlind  74 min
Presented by Susanne Morrow

NYDBC Project Director Susanne Morrow discusses best practices for transition planning supporting successful post-secondary outcomes for young adults who are deafblind.

Service Provision Across Disciplines for Students with DeafBlindness  76 min
Presented by Susan Edelman

Susan Edelman discusses successful models for collaborative teaming, and effective practices supporting transdisciplinary, collaborative service provision.

Curriculum Modifications for Learners who are DeafBlind  87 min
Presented by Jessie Moreau

Star teacher Jessie Moreau discusses specific strategies for tactile adaptations supporting curriculum access, with a focus on adaptations for accessing literacy activities.

What Parents Need to Know: Educational Services for Children with DeafBlindness (Ages 3-5)  65 min
Presented by Christopher Russell, Nancy Carr, Julie Hanson, Cynthia Baker & Kathy McCarthy-Proulx

NYDBC, The Advocacy Center, and Monroe #1 BOCES collaborate to provide an overview of what parents need to know about services for children entering school age (3-5) with visual impairments, hearing loss, and deafblindness.

How to Read Your Child’s Vision Report  91 min
Presented by Christopher Russell

NYDBC Project Coordinator Christopher Russell provides an in-depth look at how to read a variety of clinical vision reports to gain essential information on your child’s visual impairment and visual functioning.

Understanding Your Child’s Audiogram  88 min
Presented by Karen MacLennan

Audiologist Karen MacLennan provides an in-depth look at how to read an audiogram to gain essential information about your child’s hearing loss.

Student-Centered AAC Design and Intervention, Part 1: Practical, Collaborative Approaches for Learners with Visual Impairments and Additional Disabilities (see part 1 & 2)
Presented by Christopher Russell & Megan Mogan

Part 1  77 min

In this webinar for Perkins School for the Blind, Christopher Russell and Speech and Language Pathologist Megan Mogan discuss specific considerations and strategies for designing and adapting alternative and augmentative communication systems for learners with visual impairments and additional disabilities including deafblindness.

Part 2  82 min

In this follow-up to Part 1 of the series with Perkins School for the Blind, Chris Russell and Megan Mogan discuss specific strategies for implementing effective communication plans for students using alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) systems.

Catching Up on Transition – National Initiatives  57 min
Presented by Michael Godino, Susanne Morrow & Emily Taylor-Snell

Grabaciones en Español

Transiciones en la Vida del Estudiante con Sordo-Ceguera  93 min
Presented by Clara Berg & Myrna Medina

Identificación e Intervención Temprana  90 min
Presented by Clara Berg & Myrna Medina

Conociendo los derechos básicos de Educación Especial  88 min
Presented by Clara Berg & Myrna Medina

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