Instructional Practice

To increase the number of student receiving instruction from educational teams using evidence based practices that will lead to improved academic and functional outcomes.

Evidence-Based Practices

Teacher and student coactively signing 'water' during lesson.

Teacher and student coactively signing ‘water’ during lesson.

  • Assessment of all instructional areas
  • Communication development, assessment & intervention strategies
  • Strategies for developing relationships and interactions
  • Educational implications of dual sensory loss
  • Curricular modifications & adaptations to materials
  • IEP development appropriate for learners who are deafblind


  • Provide awareness training on the impacts of hearing and vision loss
  • Conduct online and in-person training on instructional strategies
  • Coach and mentor educational teams
  • Facilitate network(s) of teachers and related service providers

Community of Practice
Network of Teachers working with DeafBlind Students (NTDB)

NTDB is an independent community of dedicated teachers and related service providers working with children and youth who have combined vision and hearing loss in the downstate area. Started in 2011 and facilitated by the New York DeafBlind Collaborative, NTDB supports targeted ongoing development of skills and knowledge through shared resources and expertise. This is done by regularly scheduled face-to-face sessions in a casual setting to discuss issues that are identified by the group.


For further information or inquiries, please contact Christopher Russell.

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